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panic/anxiety attack





  • breath in for 4 seconds
  • hold your breath for 7 seconds
  • exhale breath for 8 seconds

repeat once or twice more.

This causes an autonomic nervous system shift from a sympathetic (fight or flight reaction) state to a parasympathetic response.

Use this for panic/anxiety attacks, exams, presentations.

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Tumblr got anxiety advice. Fuck yeah.

Read this earlier, and it helped me a lot tonight.



So my facebook friend just posted this pic with this text….

Well, I just witnessed blatant racial injustice with my own eyes. I was getting in my car after exiting a store when a young black man stumbled past me and collapsed against the store wall. When I got out to see if he was okay, a group of white people came rushing over, one of whom was a 20-something white woman who declared in distress, “I ran a red light and hit him with my car!” People immediately assured her that SHE would be okay, meanwhile the young man is writhing in pain on the ground, pants leg torn, tears running down his face. When the police arrived and the young woman explained what happened, it was suggested to her that maybe the light had been yellow and that the young man had “darted out into the street into her path.” I was floored. I said, “But she just SAID she ran the red light and hit him in the intersection!” 

The police officers then led the young woman away and began talking with her privately in low tones. When the paramedics FINALLY got there I was surprised at the hostility they showed towards the young man. One blonde female EMT (shown in the photo) suggested that he couldn’t be THAT hurt if he was able to walk from the place where he was struck to the sidewalk where he finally collapsed. White bystanders commented several times about “What that poor girl must be going through.” I was the only one who commented on what the young man must be going through, what, with his mangled leg and all. I am absolutely positive that in the end “that poor girl” will be absolved of all wrongdoing and be able to go on her merry way. After all, she just ran a red light and slammed her car into the body of some black kid on a bike, right?

And people wonder why black people are so angry and want to break shit.

friendly reminder that studies have shown that white people do not empathize with Black people and we (including medical personel) also think Black people feel less pain






Before you watch this video, read below and then turn the volume up, close your eyes and listen with your heart.

A young Rohingyan Boy reciting the Quran in a Malaysian jail cell.

Its reported that he fled from the violence and oppression of his tribe to Malaysia, and has been arrested many times for not having legal travel documentation.

The verses He is reciting in this video are from Surat Al-Qalam 11-28

11: [And] scorner, going about with malicious gossip

12: A preventer of good, transgressing and sinful,

13: Cruel, moreover, and an illegitimate pretender.

14: Because he is a possessor of wealth and children,

15: When Our verses are recited to him, he says, “Legends of the former peoples.”

16: We will brand him upon the snout.

17: Indeed, We have tried them as We tried the companions of the garden, when they swore to cut its fruit in the [early] morning

18: Without making exception.

19: So there came upon the garden an affliction from your Lord while they were asleep

20: And it became as though reaped.

21: And they called one another at morning,

22: [Saying] “Go early to your crop if you would cut the fruit.”

23: So they set out, while lowering their voices,

24: [Saying] “There will surely not enter it today upon you [any] poor person.”

25: And they went early in determination, [assuming themselves] able.

26: But when they saw it, they said, “Indeed, we are lost;

27: Rather, we have been deprived.”

28: The most moderate of them said, “Did I not say to you, ‘Why do you not exalt [Allah]?’ “

I’ve had this on loop ever since I heard it.

May Allah reunite him with his family and grant him goodness and ease. May allah grant him hasanah and barakah and make him one of the inhabitants of Jannatul Firdaus.



subhanAllah, give me chills down my spin, may Allah bless him with jannatul firdaus, ameen


His voice is everything

Allahumah ameen, so beautiful
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Anonymous asked:

Why do bad things happen to good people!?


because bad things draw you closer to God. 

because bad things make you more grateful for the good.

because things are rough all over and life is rarely easy for anyone, good or bad.

because this world is dar-ul-amal, a place of action, and the akhirah is dar-ul-jaza’, the place where you’ll get the result of your actions.

because God wants you to have a specific rank in paradise, and sometimes He does that by giving you hardship in this world so you don’t have to suffer in the next.

because bad and good is sometimes only a matter of perspective [“you may dislike something which is good for you or like something which is bad for you; God knows and you do not.” 2:216]

because maybe it’s all about having faith in God through both the good and bad, trusting Him implicitly and relying on Him to always know what’s best for you in all circumstances.

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