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This is what happens when you follow Saudi Arabia because they “saw” the moon.  But you, living in UK never saw the moon.  Now think about all those other countries who followed Saudi Arabia.  Think about all those other years which they followed Saudi Arabia.

Yeah, let that sink in.

I KNEW IT!! I swear there were articles a week before eid saying that eid has to be on Tuesday because the moon wouldn’t even be visible on Monday. That’s why I was reallyy confuses when everyone randomly announced that eid was on Monday. People need to start thinking for themselves



Subhan’Allah. An elderly gentleman collapsed in the middle of prayer today. Had to have an ambulance cart him away. He might have had a heat attack or something. He was standing just a few feet from me. Insha’Allah he’s all right and his family too. His grandson came running when he saw and was crying. Even if we are at the last Jummah it’s a reminder we still might not make it to Eid.

may Allah swt grant him shifa. ameen.


I think people fail to realize that even though during this blessed month of Ramadan we’ve seen so much bloodshed all across the Muslims countries, that our duas may be answered. That Allah SWT has a plan.

Muslims all around the world are praying for each other during Ramadan, a month where our duas are accepted.
Patience is the key.

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